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Downloading graphics using Windows:  Point to the graphic you wish to download, then right click on your mouse and a menu will pop up. Choose "Save Picture As" for Explorer users, or "Save Image As" for Netscape users.

Downloading graphics using Macintosh:  Point to the graphic you wish to download, then hold the button down on your mouse and a menu will pop up. Choose "Save Picture As" for Explorer users, or "Save Image As" for Netscape users.

Sending an image with your e-mail:  When sending a message, put your cursor where you want your image inserted, then click on Insert from the tool bar at the top of your window. Depending on what mail client your using, you will have a choice such as Image, or Picture, choose the appropriate one. You will have a window pop up and you can browse to the proper location where your image is stored. If your using a mail service like Yahoo Mail you will need to choose the use html option.

The Graphics and backgrounds on this website  come from a few sources. We created many of the graphics on this website and many more were sent to us.

If the creator/owner of a graphic has requested a link to their website, a mouse over will display their name, or the name of their website and you can click on the graphic to view their website, or e-mail them. Unfortunately, some people claim ownership of a graphic, just because they have the graphic placed on their website.

The Graphics on this website are free of charge for anyone to use as long as you don't sell the graphics, or charge for their use. Placing one of our graphics on your website, even if it is a copyrighted website, does not give you ownership rights of the graphic, so please don't try to stop others from using graphics that you are using free of charge. Ownership of a graphic belongs to the creator of the graphic, or the person/company that paid to have the graphic created.

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